A1 Wohnheime Further info on Munich

Tips and info for a pleasant stay with A1 in München

A1 Wohnheime GmbH wants its guests to feel good in the various boarding houses, apartment houses and hostels! This not only includes staying in clean and inexpensive accommodation in good locations, but also the availability of important information about the area of the individual accommodations. A1 has listed a few tips for food, leisure and entertainment:


Public transport Munich

MVV München (S-Bahn)

MVG München (U-Bahn, Bus & Tram)


Taxi service


Car rental



Olympiagelände München

Landeshauptstadt München

Allianz Arena München

Deutsches Museum München

Oktoberfest / Wies´n


Embassies in Munich

Konsulat der USA

Griechisches Generalkonsulat

Konsulat von Österreich

General Konsulat von Serbien und Montenegro

Brasilianisches Generalkonsulat

Generalkonsulat Frankreich

Generalkonsulat der Republik Polen in München

Generalkonsulat von Rumänien - München



Polizei München