A1 Wohnheime Expansion! A1 is looking for other properties!

A1 Wohnheime GmbH Munich is looking for other properties for the expansion of the boarding houses and apartment houses business in and around Munich!


A1 Wohnheime GmbH

A1 Wohnheime GmbH was founded in Munich in 2004 and has become the largest private boarding house provider in Munich. The accommodation company has since operated residences in Munich and Nuremberg; in early 2011 a further accommodation will be opened in Hamburg. Overall some 2000 beds in seven different houses are available to our guests.

The original and largest business area of the company consists of providing inexpensive (worker) accommodation. The second business area is apartment houses and hostels.

A1 Wohnheime GmbH is on an expansion curve and therefore constantly looking for properties.


Investment - Search profile

Asset category:  Office buildings to be converted, boarding houses, hotels,

                           boarding houses, plots of land

Location:           City area Munich, preferably within the middle ring

Size:                   1,500 – 10,000 m² surface

Price:                  depending on location, condition and features;

                           Rent   up to ca. 11 €/m² VMF

                           Purchase   up to ca. 2,000 €/m² VMF

Contact for further information or first information exchange on potential new properties for A1 Wohnheime GmbH: 

Herr Holger Stewering
Tel.: 089 / 244 139 5-41